Tuesday, July 21, 2009

obviously I am not a blogger

i have been trying for the past hour to figure out how to change the background on this but I cant seem to figure it out so I guess I'll stick with this for now! I am so computer itlliterate it drives me crazy sometimes!!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


So far everyone has survived the summer. Chris is still in summer school. taylor just finnished. I am sure that has something to do with it. It will be time for Tay to be bored out of her mind. Nick has kept himself busy with some odd jobs here and there and has made some money for himself. He is hopeing to fix his truck (the tan one) so he can drive to school this year. Mom and dad will probably need it though since we cant seem to keep anything running. taylor just got her braces taken off because she doesnt brush!! we decided to get a retainer to move her teeth out of the way for adult teeeth to come through, then do braces on all the teeth at once, she apparently needs more practice brushing first!! she has only had 10 years to practice. so I guess mom will have to scrub for her until she figures it out. we dont want train tracks on our teeth!!!!!
Chris and I will be going to Idaho in 2 weeks and will stay for 2 weeks to help my mom out after she has back surgery. It will be nice to see her, just not great circumstances! hope chris is helpful, I wont have time to chase after him too!!
Lee and I are doing good. we are trying to decide if we wanna move to another house or not. I would like a larger house with a pool, we could rent one for cheaper than we are paying on our little rinky dink house. we will have to see. hope you are doing well.
love ya, me

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Trek 2009

Chris and Nick went on the Pioneer Trek last week. I was a little worried that they would come home and be super mad that I made them go. They came home and for an hour they talked about how awesome thier experience was! I am so glad I made them go. At first they complained that they had to dress like a pioneer, they thought they looked retarded, I think that passed when they saw everyone was dressed the same way. They met at the church at 5 in the morning. They rode some really nice coach buses to New Mexico, which was I guess was like a 5 hour bus ride. When they got there they had to line up in a row of boys and there was a row of girls across from them. Each "Ma and Pa" walked down the center of the row and picked who they wanted to be in their family(They picked kids they didnt know) after they were picked into thier "family" they were told they had to build their own carts, they did.
after their carts were built they loaded all of their belongings onot the cart and started pulling and pushing it. They walked for hours and finally reached thier camp at about 1:00 in the morning. It was dark, they couldnt see, they were hungry and tired! They rolled their sleeping bags on the ground and fell asleep. In the morning they had to make thier own breakfast which was oatmeal. They were so hungry they didnt care, they ate it anyways and started walking again. They pushed and pulled their cart up hills, through a stream, over rocks and then they reached a valley and a confederate solider came and announced all the men and boys were being drafted into the war and they had to leave. All of the boys and the Pa's left and walked to a steep hill. They watched the women struggle to push and pull the carts on their own.( Chris and Nick were both emotional when telling this part) Nick said they weren't allowed to help the women. He watched the girls crying, but at the same time working together and they made it up this steep hill by themselves. They couldnt understand how they could do this because it was so hard to get the cart moving with the whole family working together. Nick said he gained a greater respect for women, at how strong they can be. (Yeah!!) after that, they were allowed to help again and they made it into camp. It started raining and they had to help build shelter with tarps. both boys helped and built fires for different families. water started to run towards another camp. so they got a bunch of guys together with shovles and dug so the water ran away from this camp. Chris gave his coat to another girl who was shivering from the cold, (wow, my kids can be gentelman and helpful!!!) Chris cooked dinner for his family in a dutch oven. no one in his family knew how to cook in a dutch oven. good thing Dad does it and you learned how!!
He made chicken and dumplings, and peach cobbler. They said it was sooooo good and they were soooo hungry! after the rain there was a double rainbow, which was really pretty. The families started singing and they had a fireside that night. The boys said the "spirit was really strong that night" good to know they can feel that! The next day they played games, threw knives, shot black powder rifles, made candles, homemade butter, roped pretend cows. they had fun. then it was time to go back. They made it back in a few hours. They boys said they must have been walking in circles or something because it took 2 days to get to camp but a few hours to get back~~
anyways, I am so glad they went and were able to experience this once in a life time event. I hope to get some pictures from it so I can make a scrapbook page!

School's out!!

Summer is here and the kids will soon be bored! I remember being so excited for summer! I could hang out with friends, sleep in. My kids are completely bored by week 2, they are out of school for 2 months! Chris and Taylor start summer school so that will help. Trying to get chris and nick a job, maybe they can help out with school clothes shopping for next school year( in Aug). we shall see!

Friday, December 26, 2008

testing testing 123

The Hoffman's now have a blog! Now they are living in cyber space with the rest of the world.

More to come.